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using a journalistic approach to help you stand out.

As entrepreneurs, sometimes you become so involved in trying to solve problems in your business and make it grow that you don't have to do it all alone.

If fact, creating a successful business is a collaborative effort. Working with others gives you different views, new ideas, it energizes and puts excitement back into your business.

I'd like to help you achieve the goals you haven't yet been able to accomplish with your business.

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To succeed as a one-person show, being 100% efficient with your time is one of the most important habits you can develop...

About Me I’ve been creating businesses my entire career, including constructing one of the first online clinical counseling websites. My first business was created over 15 years ago, which is still generating income from some of my original clients. I’ve helped numerous entrepreneurs and read hundreds of business books.

I have an MBA from Arizona State University (’14), and today, I greatly enjoy helping entrepreneurs get past hurdles in their business and finding a path to big growth.  I do this through coaching and creating courses for Bitesize Business School students.

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